10 Interesting Facts about Viking God Thor In The Movie

  There are many interesting facts about viking god Thor, that his fans wants to know . With his supernatural hammer and godlike look, Thor is one of Marvel's most famous characters. His narrative, though, extends back deeper than you may think. Based on the Norse mythical God of Thor, Marvel has transformed him into a prominent modern-day superhero. Here are some facts about viking god Thor that you should know. 1. Thor's father Odin sentenced him to Earth as a punishment. This father, Odin, sent Thor to Earth in human form in order for him to learn humility. Thor was transformed into a human, given the name Donald Blake, and his memory was erased, so he had no knowledge of his previous life as a deity. Blake was on vacation in Norway when he saw aliens arrive and sought safety in a nearby cave as one of the facts about viking god Thor . He found the hammer "Mjolnir" in this cave, but it was disguised as a walking stick and needed to be struck on a rock before it c